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ALD ecodrive


With ALD ecodrive you evaluate your driving behavior and become an environmentally responsible driver.Install your smartphone in your car, launch the application (and afterwards also your iWatch), and start ...
The ALD ecodrive app developed by ALD Automotive measures the flexibility of your driving behavior and its impact on the environment. The real-time responsiveness of ALD ecodrive graphics will amaze you!ALD ecodrive gathers information after every journey, shows you the map of your route and indicates an analysis based on your driving.Thanks to the eco-driving advice provided by ALD ecodrive you can progress quickly, consume less and earn points that allow you to get a better position in the ranking.Send your score to your friends and propose them to play and improve their driving behavior with ALD ecodrive.Take a break, discover the Cleaner Game and train to clean your city, but beware this game is terribly addictive!
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DETAILS AND RECOMMENDATIONS- Do not manipulate your device while driving and stay focused on your driving.- The application measures the acceleration changes and uses the GPS function of your smartphone to calculate the movement of the vehicle.- Securely attach your smartphone in order to obtain reliable results.- ALD ecodrive application requires an internet connection but it doesn’t use network data.- The measurement program was calibrated with professional equipment and developed through testing on roads and race track with our partner Beltoise Evolution- These calculations consume battery and it is recommended to get your smartphone connected.
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ALD Automotive is a world-wide leasing company and a major mobility player. ALD Automotive is a subsidiary of Société Générale Group.